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Mini  Grant - Fremont Inter-agency Oversight Group

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FremontInteragency Oversight Group

HB 04-1451 Collaborative Management Group

Vision:  Healthy children and families living self-sufficiently in a thriving, supportive community

The Fremont Inter-agency Oversight Group is seeking to partner with community organizations benefiting at-risk children, youth and their families throughout Fremont County.  The Fremont Inter-agency Oversight Group (FIOG) Mini Grant Program purpose is to support, enhance, and/or assist community projects that will benefit individual lives of at-risk children, youth (birth to 21) and families in Fremont County. 

The Legislative Goals of the Collaborative Management Program (CMP) Initiative are:

  • Develop a more uniform system of collaborative management that includes the input, expertise, and active participation of the parent advocacy or family advocacy organizations
  • Reduce duplication and eliminate fragmentation of services provided to children or families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services
  • Increase the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services delivered to children or families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services
  • Encourage cost sharing among service providers
  • Lead to better outcomes and cost-reduction for the services provided to children and families in the child welfare system, including the foster care system, in the State ofColorado
  • Coloradorevised statutes, Section 24-1.9-101

Grant projects should target one of the following areas, but not limited to, and support at least one of the incentive outcomes:

  1. Prevent and/or decrease incidents of child abuse and neglect
  2. Increase opportunity for successful integration into the community for youth emancipating from the Child Welfare System
  3. Prevent the need for out-of-home placement for children and youth
  4. Prevent and/or decrease incidents of criminal behavior amongst youth
  5. Increase opportunity for youth to successfully complete work with the juvenile justice system
  6. Prevent and/or decrease incidents of drop out and truancy for children and youth
  7. Increase opportunity for academic success for children and youth
  8. Increase access to substance abuse treatment to children, youth and families in need
  9. Prevent and/or decrease incidents of domestic violence in families
  10. Prevent and/or decrease incidents of bullying and violence in our schools 

Incentive Outcomes:

Child Welfare Incentive Outcomes
1. Increase the stability of children in foster care
2. Eliminate the need to require children in foster care to experience a placement move
3. Sibling groups will be placed in the same foster home
Juvenile Justice Incentive Outcomes
1. Prevent involvement in juvenile justice system
2. Youth matched with a mentor will not become involved in Juvenile Justice system
3. Increase successful intervention for children with juvenile justice involvement
4. Increase the percentage of youth successfully completing probation inFremontCounty
Education Incentive Outcomes
1. Improve school performance
2. Improved school performance measure by a reduction in referrals for behavior or attendance problems for youth matched with a mentor
3. Decrease repeat involvements of students referred for truancy issues
4. Children referred to the school truancy program will not be referred to theTruancy Court
Health/Mental Health Incentive Outcomes
1. Increase mental health functioning of CMP youth
2. Children and youth receiving mental health or addiction recovery services 

Grant Funding

Grant requests are not to exceed $2,500.00.  Grant awards are for a period of one year maximum and renewable for one year with the submission of a new grant application.  Funds may not be used to supplant existing funds.  Grants applications for capital projects or agency start up costs will not be considered.  The State Fiscal Year is July 1st to June 30th.  Grants will be awarded based upon available funding. 


Applicants are open to organizations or agencies, for profit and non-profit, and schools, that provide services to at-risk children, youth, and their families. 

Required Reporting

Grantees are required to report on the effective use of the grant award after implementing the funding.  An organization’s ability to report measurable outcomes will be used by the FIOG in their selection process. 

Program Specific Information

Grant applications must be for a specific program or project.  Applicants should provide a brief but detailed outline of the program which should include the purpose, goals and objectives.  Information should include ages to be served, issues to be addressed, number of children and/or youth to be served and how outcomes with be documented and reported the grantor.  Describe the program’s design and duration, staff needs, equipment purchases and materials to be requested. 


Please submit a budget detailing how the funding will be utilized.  All funds awarded must be expended during the State Fiscal Year in which the grant was awarded.  Projects lasting beyond the end of the State Fiscal Yeah will need to apply for funding in the next fiscal year.  Please include a sustainability for the program should it be designed to be on-going.

Note: Grantees will be reimbursed after submitting an invoice to the grantor.  Reimbursement payments are made once a month for services provided in the previous month or after the purchase of materials with an original receipt.  

Grant applications may be submitted throughout the year.  Grant applications received will be reviewed once each quarter during the fiscal year period of July 1 to June 30 according to the following schedule:

Grant Proposal Submitted in:

Submitted by:

Month for Review

Awards Announced

1st Quarter

July to September

August 1st


1st week of September

2nd Quarter

October to December

November 1st


1st week of December

3rd Quarter

January to March

February 1st


1st week of March

4th Quarter

April to June

May 1st


1st week of June

*Note awards in the 3rd and 4th quarters may not be funded until the start of the new fiscal year beginning on July 1st. All grant awards are contingent on funds being available. 

Applications may be submitted by e-mail, delivered by mail or dropped off.  Grant applications submitted electronically must be submitted in a Word or PDF format.  The Department of Human Services building hours are7:00 am to 5:00 pmMountain Time Monday to Friday. 

Please refer all questions and inquires to James Berg, FIOG Coordinator for the Fremont Interagency Oversight Group, House Bill 04-1451 Collaborative Management Program.

James Berg, FIOG Coordinator
Fremont Interagecny Oversight Group
Fremont County Department of Human Services
172 Justice Center Road
Canon City,CO81212. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

719-269-2047 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time - Monday to Friday

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